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Being pushed over the edge psychologically is something that happens to humans when they feel that they have lost the fight, lost control, been cheated, or been unduly threatened.  The issue of “riots in America”, or “rebellion” is nothing new.  All we have to do is to think back to 1992 and the Rodney King incident,articleadidas originals logo1, or the race riots of the 60’s.  Add those items mentioned above, to the issues in this years election, and some humans may go off half cocked!
So, what will happen if the wrong person (or the right person) is elected to office on Nov. 6th?  Good question!  However there is precedent for expecting the worst from American citizens.  Just think back a few years and you will remember the images, they are hard to remove from our minds.
But is there precedent for these types of events in the Bible?  Yes there is,48adidas originals shoes597, but that does not mean that we have to participate just because there is biblical precedent!  We have other ways to help cure the problems of this country without going into the streets and reeking havoc in our own communities.  Remember,[/url], rebellions in the Bible were at the direction of God Himself for the most part.
Rebellion can and does take many forms.  Fact is that it is our DUTY to vote at the polls.  It is our DUTY to vote with our conscience and not our wallets.  It is our DUTY to be responsible citizens,[url=]nmd adidas
, not destructive citizens.  There are a hundred non-violent ways to protest the government, be it at any level of government.  It is our DUTY to think before we act.
With all of that said,adidas nmd r1, there may very well be some riots after the elections.  When and where is something of a guess this writer is not willing to make!  Our country today is filled with unhappy citizens who for one reason or another are without a job or health care.  On the other hand there are millions of people on welfare and food stamps, who are fearful that if the election goes the wrong way for them, they will lose that kind of sustenance.
Millions have been laid off, millions can’t find any work but part time jobs, and those part time jobs don’t pay the mortgage,nmd adidas, the rent or the car payment.  Christians are in this mix too!  They find themselves in the same situation as many non-Christians do, and that means that they are all in the same boat.
Will there be riots after this year’s Presidential Election?  Probably!  Where and when, and for what reason?  Those questions will only be answered when and if they occur.  Be that as it may, as a Christian, we must maintain our composure and find other non-violent ways to rebell.  We must pray, and seek the Lord’s guidance on all such issues.

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