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Many popular religions talk of conversion, some with an emphasis on it. Paganism is not one of those religions. First of all, “paganism” is not really a religion; it is an umbrella term for a collection of spiritual paths and traditions which share common themes and values. Many people do call themselves religious and pagan, and Wicca can be considered a pagan religion. Most people who call themselves pagan discovered it as part of a spiritual journey.
There are many ways one can discover that they are pagan; they become disillusioned with their current religion, they want a spiritual path which connects them to nature,adidas nmd, they feel a connection to the feminine divine and want a spiritual path which reflects it,[/url], they are intrigued by the magic in life and want to be an active part of it. Still others know what they are and what they believe,[url=], just do not yet have a name for it; and want a community which they can be involved in. Some are pagan and don’t know it.
Discovering that you are pagan is always an individual journey. Some additional signs that a pagan path may be right for you are:
A strong,[/url], spiritual connection with the Earth and all the life on it.Independent thinking and a love for freedom.Perception of the divine as both masculine and feminine.A rejection of the concepts of good vs. evil, sin, heaven and hell.A sense of the oneness of all that is, and that everything is connected.A connection with the cycle of the seasons and the moon.A belief in reincarnation or karma.A love of fantasy and an idealistic outlookA strong intuitive sense and the notion that empowerment and enlightenment can be attained by looking within one’s spirit and unconsciousnessA fascination with Pre-Christian European cultures, native peoples, or polytheistic societies.If many of these seem familiar to you, a pagan path may be right for you. So now your questions are: how do I learn more? How do I find other people like me? How do I know what I really believe? The following techniques may help you on your journey:
Read anything that strikes your fancy. As with any spiritual path, there are thousands of books and articles about pagan subjects, many of them wonderful and informative,[url=]
, and some of them complete nonsense written by uninformed, fanciful, or dishonest individuals. Use intuition and critical thinking to discern truth from illusion, and to discover what concepts resonate with you.Search the internet and look for local pagan groups,[url=][/url], and consider attending a Rotating Open Circle (a ritual by a coven or group open to new seekers).Talk to people you trust who are pagan. If you have yet to meet likeminded pagans, you will when the time is right.Meditate, look within. Do what connects you to the Divine. Answers will come.

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